Merry Monday

5 things, I will do, to ensure a positive start to my week…

5 ways to make

Walk the dog

Before work, I head out with my partner and our dog, Costa. A half hour or so of fresh air first thing really makes the difference for my productivity and positivity for the day. Usually my alarm rings and I have a right battle with myself over whether to take the extra half hour in bed or not, if I do so, I always always regret it. Especially now the mornings are lighter and the weather is dry, I’ll pop my coat on and start the day with a short walk, without my phone.

Costa the Cavapoo

Coffee and a singsong

Firstly, does any day start without coffee? And if these days exist, they are unknown to me! So I usually have my protein porridge first thing and have a coffee in takeaway mug for the car journey and queue enough songs to get myself through my 22 minute journey to work. Quite often I go for something I can belt out, feel good tunes or often I search ‘happy hits’ on Apple Music and trust I’ll get the good stuff. Below is another of my go to playlists, nothing beats Miley for me.

Initiate 3 positive conversations

So, I can’t say this is a tried and tested method but something I am going to start now. I will try an initiate at least 3 feel good conversations, so whether I ask a pupil their favourite thing about the weekend, or a friend something they are looking forward to most, I am going to try and focus on the good stuff. This will be a mindset shift for me, as often I spend my mondays moaning about it being monday, or about being tired, or being in work. I think maybe, if I encourage more positive conversations, not only will it help my mood, but hopefully help others too!

Have a colourful lunch

Now I don’t mean I am going to go out of my way to make sure all 7 colours of the rainbow feature, but what I do mean is, it won’t be just beige. Maybe, I’ll just use a bit of side salad to make it look a bit posh if I’m rushed for time, but I’d like a plate of food that looks fresh and healthy. Even though 50% of my diet is currently chocolate (I blame Easter and a birthday), I do really enjoy a good salad, so I think I’ll try and do that, some meat, some eggs, and maybe some of my favourite Moroccan couscous for good measure.

Photo by Ella Olsson on

Keep a ‘ta-da’ list

So, I suppose I should explain what that means incase any of you aren’t totally obsessed with Mrs Hinch?! A ta-da list is like a to-do list but backwards! Keeping a list of all things you’ve achieved during the day. On days when I am not totally organised (most mondays) it’s a great way of having a list of accomplishments and to keep motivated throughout the day. Science tells us ticking off something on a to-do list releases small amounts of dopamine, which creates feelings of pleasure or reward. So do not let an unorganised monday take those dopamine bursts away from you, write a tada list – and even tick them off instead!

Let me know if you have any feel good song suggestions for next weeks Coffee and Sing Song sesh!

Speak soon, CH x

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